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Ritiro di Vita Illuminata

Join our 7-day retreat at the MDP Village Retreat Resort to develop your staying-power that can build success to last!

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Healing & Longevity Retreat
(10 Days)

Come to the MDP Village not only to enjoy the fresh breeze, fresh water, organic fruits and vegetables, but also to explore life’s breakthroughs with the blessings of Master Del Pe and the help of powerful healers and enlightened trainers, who will partner with you and help you to recover from health challenges and balance your life.

Enjoy total well-being covering 5 levels of health - physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual. Focus on corrective techniques and preventive strategies by applying energy healing science plus an array of life coaching and life mentoring services.

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Parents and Children Empowerment Retreat (PACER)
June 24-30, 2024

Are you looking for a new way to enjoy the summer with your family? Are you struggling with planning a fun and educational break from school and work? Experience a higher quality of family time at PACER! Discover a family life beyond your expectations! Equip yourself with new family management methods and your children with self-management tools to stay out of trouble and perform at their highest best!

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Reaching Out to the Sun

Ritiro di Vita Illuminata

Master Del Pe has created this comprehensive program to spiritually initiate participants into finding their highest path in life. After immersion in this program, you will experience an awakening of and connection to your soul resulting in spiritual alchemy. Any serious seeker on the higher path will find this enlightenment process not only a blessing, but an experience worth living for.

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Ritiro di Iniziazione al Terzo Occhio

This very comprehensive training and mentoring program is the dream of any serious practitioner to make self-mastery a reality. Master Del Pe and his team of senior seers will spiritually hand-hold apprentices and serve as mentors for a few months until the students develop self-confidence on the weekly techniques and practices.

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Ritiro di Vita Illuminata

Join our 10-day retreat at the MDP Village Retreat Resort to become the legendary leader of leaders through meaningful world service and a more enlightened life!

Upcoming Retrets
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"The Third Eye Initiation program designed by Master Del Pe is unique and at the cutting edge of Spiritual Technology and Esoteric Science. I don’t think you can find this anywhere else. This modern Master has brought the future to our doorstep with the scientific approach to developing the Third Eye, which was previously only discussed in metaphors. This is the next chapter of my life that I had been waiting for. The program’s content was mind boggling."

- R.S., Editor and Intuitive Consultant (Asia)

I certificati dei corsi e dei ritiri sono rilasciati dalle scuole Master Del Pe con sede negli Stati Uniti: il BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC) e il Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA)

Ritiro per genitori di qualità

Nuovi strumenti per i genitori per guidare e gestire la famiglia moderna. Scopri come fare da genitore agli 8 tipi di bambini

Massimizzare le prestazioni per bambini e giovani

Formare bambini e adolescenti su come migliorare le loro prestazioni ed eccellere in qualunque percorso scelgano

Ritiro di certificazione di carriera

Formare e certificare le persone per diventare un life coach professionale, uno specialista di guarigione, un trainer o un imprenditore spirituale o sociale

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Per ritiri personali, di gruppo o aziendali personalizzati, compila il modulo sottostante per farci sapere cosa stai cercando e come possiamo soddisfare al meglio le tue esigenze.

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Customized Retreats
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