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Discover a new paradigm shift to enjoy total well-being and healthy aging!

10-Day Retreat Offerings

Your stay at MDP Village will transform your life and bring you what matters most - good health, healing, rejuvenation, life-balance and finding a new purpose in your life.

Our therapeutic healing and detox program includes: 

  1. 1x Mentoring-Healing Session with Master Del Pe

  2. Daily energy healing sessions (individual/group) by our senior specialists to boost your vitality, calm your emotions and sharpen your mind

  3. Workshops/training programs with live QnA/facilitations selected for your unique needs

  4. Daily meditation, exercises and breathing techniques for rejuvenation

  5. Beginners Martial Arts-Yoga and Will-Power Development sessions

  6. Extra live lectures and engagements directly with Master Del Pe

  7. Therapeutic bath in natural hot-springs

  8. River safari, nature walks and hiking trails, or a scenic tour of the waterfalls

  9. Accommodation with en-suite bathroom

  10. Organic vegetarian meals

  11. Community entertainment program with live performances, dancing and singing

  12. Pick up from Manila airport and drop back

  13. Certificate of Completion from BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness

Investment: PHP 250,000 per person 

*Group discounts available*

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E-book included with the retreat!

Master Del Pe has integrated in this book the practical wisdom from his immortal yogi mentor, aged 400+, and his 3 other Asian mentors with the wealth of knowledge from his research on supercentenarians. The Higher Science of Longevity is beyond the faddy diets and anti-aging claims of the noisy, age-reversal industry. It really works! Master Del Pe invested 36 years of his life traveling to over 100 countries, researching the secrets of longevity and immortality.

Healing and Longevity FAQs with Master Del Pe

What does longevity mean for you?

Longevity is very easy to understand if you talk about aging or lifespan. So for me, longevity is more of extending your lifespan and extending your youthful life. Longevity is not only physical, but also your energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual awakening, also known as the 5 Levels of Health.

Why do we need to aspire for longevity?

People have to aspire for longevity because there is a more meaningful and productive life to live. When people are very useful and functional and they have a lot of harvest from life. They should aspire to live longer so that they can enjoy the fruits of the labor. Secondly, people are enjoying many things not only in terms of family or career, they're also contributing to society and to the environment. They are now more awakened spiritually. So people are now enjoying what we call the heaven on earth lifestyle. Therefore we deserve not only to have heaven after death but also heaven on earth. We should be able to enjoy for a long, long time.

How can we ensure a good quality of life as we age?

We can enjoy a higher quality of life as we age if we're able to roll our hips, rotate our necks without having to turn like a robot. So we should be able to extend that youthful life which we deserve by not being sick as we age. Longevity is not being not living long and staying in bed with a dreadful disease or not living long because the doctors prescription and interventions are extending our lifespan. We should be able to naturally grow old without having to only mind the wrinkles. We should be able to speak out our minds and be free without having to have lapses of memory. We should be able to still run and jog and be able to go to the mountain trekking or enjoy the foods we like without having to be always minding every step in the way what to eat, what not to eat, what to drink, not to drink and also whether you get sick when there's rain.


The quality of life we deserve is more than just being healthy with too much restrictions. We should be able to flow and spontaneously meet our demands of life. We should enjoy day to day, year to year without having to think of chronic diseases, without having to be always correcting diseases. So we should really live in a higher quality of life that I would say bring self fulfillment, not just success in terms of money, career or family.

I'd like to invite everyone to participate whether you are 20 years old or if you are 70 years old, this is for you because you will be equipped with new tools to navigate this more complex world. This time that this world is giving us and bombarding us with the stressful situations which sometimes you cannot just receive but worry because of the global economy, the wars in different places and also the economical situation today that's bringing a lot of inflation and we have increases of prices without increasing our salaries and our income. And that is a stressor that brings naturally a compression and a strain in our lives. And definitely we don't have only the external stress but this internal stress can also be detrimental and become a menace of our lives. So I'd like to welcome all of you to just renew our vows to health and good health and our pledge for longevity!

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"Good Health is not only the absence of diseases but also the total wellbeing at the physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual life of the client."

Master Del Pe
Founder of World Institute of Incurable Diseases (WIID), Author and Chief Healing Specialist

Energy Healing for Your Health Challenges & Their Side-Effects
57 Specializations

Le condizioni di salute del cliente di solito presentanouna malattia principale, ma ci sono altri effetti collaterali o fattori di rischio associati a quei disturbi, siano essi tumori benigni o cancro. Lo stress e la preoccupazione che derivano dall'esperienza della diagnosi da soli portano altre conseguenze come l'indebolimento del sistema immunitario. Interventi medici come la chemioterapia per il cancro provocano molti effetti collaterali negativi. Molti farmaci hanno lo scopo di curare i sintomi delle malattie, ma in molti casi il paziente finisce con più complicazioni e subisce gli effetti collaterali negativi delle pillole. L'HEAL-plan WIID aiuta a guarire questi effetti collaterali e reazioni radicali in modo sicuro mentre affronta il principale problema di salute. Guarire gli effetti collaterali dell'intervento medico per il cancro è una delle nostre specializzazioni uniche, oltre a trattare il cancro stesso. Il diabete è una malattia incurabile con le sue miriadi di effetti collaterali anche se i suoi sintomi sono curabili con il supporto dell'insulina. L'HIV/AIDS nella fase avanzata dell'infezione presenta molte malattie opportunistiche causate dal sistema immunitario compromesso, quindi l'HEAL-plan supporta la lotta contro l'HIV/AIDS e le sue complicazioni associate mentre fa da mentore ai pazienti per migliorare la qualità di vita e vivere la vita quotidiana con accettazione e spirito combattivo.

L'HEAL-plan ha lanciato 57 specializzazioni nel giugno 2020 con servizi di guarigione a distanza e sessioni di mentoring di vita, tutte svolte online con un team di esperti internazionali e Master Del Pe, l'architetto della modalità BEwell Science. Prima di questo lancio ufficiale, i servizi di guarigione venivano svolti su una piattaforma di guarigione personale con un piano settimanale. Ora, l'aggiornamento dei servizi offrirà la migliore combinazione di esperti e l'investimento del cliente può fare molto con un piano di guarigione pre-progettato in base alla gravità della malattia. Queste specializzazioni includono sempre la guarigione dallo stress, dalla fatica e dal trauma che derivano dalle diverse malattie, quindi il team di specialisti si concentra sulla lotta alle cause della malattia, alle loro conseguenze e ai loro fattori di rischio.

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