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A breakthrough strategy to achieve enlightenment in this lifetime. Take home teachings that bring a quantum leap of consciousness beyond your expectations.

About the Program

Master Del Pe designed this comprehensive program to spiritually jumpstart participants to find their higher path and start creating breakthroughs in life. You can say that after this immersion program, participants will experience a quantum leap of consciousness leading to inner life initiations. The spiritual initiation performed by Master Del Pe with the participants includes awakening their Soul connections while activating their sacred fire to a high degree, resulting in spiritual alchemy. Any serious seeker of the higher path will find this enlightenment process not only a blissful experience but worth dying for.

Many people around the world waste time doing meditation, yoga and spiritual rituals in the hope that one day they will get enlightened. This is a myth and needs to be rectified. For one to awaken their Soul and culture their ego, practitioners require a serious curriculum and life-mentoring. This approach avoids the old ways of trial and error which waste a lot of the seeker’s time, resources and opportunities to get enlightened and make a big difference to society.

Master Del Pe and his team will spiritually culture the participants with state-of-the-art esoteric tools, guided by a curriculum that molds the personality and character of the participants to meet a fast-track requirement towards enlightenment. Thus, what they can’t achieve in a lifetime of laborious religious work will be attained in just a few months of training and mentoring. The intensive program has four levels, and February 2020 brings the Level 1 to jumpstart the beginners on the path.

The retreat will coincide with the Aquarian Full Moon, one of the highest new energy of the year and one that bestows those who will receive the gift of the new cosmic Spiritual Will-Power. This is one of the most important energetic milestones of the year for advanced souls and Masters, even in the heavenly realm, because they too have an important conclave to empower the next strategy of world and planetary affairs called the Divine Plan. The new era’s esoteric template called the Aquarian matrix designs will be stamped on the souls and personalities of servers to be promoted to a level of world service. This esoteric event will happen during the Aquarian Full Moon. While in deep group meditations, the group initiation will happen to empower you in the path of self-mastery and enlightenment in collaboration with the Divine Plan and Planetary purpose.

This retreat will also gather participants from around the world who will come to be certified in the first rung of the BEinshape Certification for Healing Specialists and Trainers to equip them as certified healers, life-coaches and trainers using Master Del Pe’s proven methods and energy strategies. The combination of earn-grow-serve is the template for modern servers to start this new career line while also awakening their spiritual development to the maximum.

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