Master Del Pe, internationally known as a healing guru and spiritual master of the 12 styles of meditation, 8 types of yoga and Aquarian Martial Arts, is founder of 3 United States-based organizations: BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC), Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA) and the World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID). He is author of 12 books, most of which are specialized on meditation, yoga, martial arts, healing science, divine alchemy, esoteric psychology and esoteric science. He was mentored by 4 Eastern Masters, one of whom is an immortal yogi, aged 400+, from the highlands of the Himalayas. Master Del Pe brings an integration of the best of the Eastern Wisdom and the Western Science.

Considered as a modern sage by his students around the world, and a life mentor to CEOs, corporations, world leaders and governments, Master Del Pe has dedicated his life to training students globally on spirituality, Balanced-Life strategies and leadership through wisdom. Through his teachings, he brings to humanity the concept of 'Flying high with 2 balanced wings - spiritual and material' to help them live their greatest life and be completely fulfilled.

Master Del Pe has taught more than 350,000 students around the world in his travels to more than 100 countries, teaching and at the same time learning world philosophies, world religions and world culture, he has a universal approach to life. He brings his body of knowledge and experience to his international students and clients through his 200+ courses, life coaching sessions, miraculous healings, 12 books and over a dozen DVDs, CDs, videos and audio for personal development.

He has lived in many countries before he settled sown as an entrepreneur in Houston, Texas, USA. Since 2015, he came back to the Philippines to develop a new resort, MDP Village, as he is focusing on training and mentoring students from around the world on the path of longevity, enlightenment and healing. All in all, he wants to be known as the one who teaches people to "master life ahead of its time".