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MDP Village is the modern Asian Shangri-La. That is why guests and visitors who come here call it the 'hidden paradise'. You have to come see it for yourself to understand why the MDP Village experience is like heaven on earth. 


Notice to the Public

Due to COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine, the MDP Village will be on closed until further notice. For any questions or inquiries please email us at info@masterdelpe.com.


Course and retreat certificates are granted by Master Del Pe's USA-based schools: BElife Institute for Higher Consciouness (BIHC) and Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA)

Balanced-Life Retreat

A life-changing, soul-searching and highly transformational program that can bring a world of difference in your life. Design your new life path by balancing the 5 key areas of your life.

Enlightened-Life Retreat

A breakthrough strategy to rapidly achieve enlightenment in this lifetime. Take home teachings that bring a quantum leap of consciousness beyond your expectations.

Third Eye Initiation Retreat

A priceless spiritual experience that enables you to achieve an enlightened life really fast, and be the best that you can be. Receive comprehensive training and mentoring to make self-mastery a reality.


Course and retreat certificates are granted by Master Del Pe's USA-based schools: BElife Institute for Higher Consciouness (BIHC) and Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA)

Quality Parenting Retreat

New tools for parents to lead and manage the modern family. Learn how to parent the 8 types of children

Maximizing Performance for Children and Youth

Training kids and teenagers how to boost their performance and excel in whatever path they chose

Career Certification Retreat

To train and certify individuals to become a professional life coach, healing specialist, trainer or spiritual or social entrepreneur

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For customized personal, group or corporate retreats, please fill in the form below to let us know what you are looking for and how we can best fit your needs.

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Founder and Creator of MDP Village

Master Del Pe is a world-renowned modern sage and life mentor who integrates the best of Eastern Wisdom and Western Practicality. His teachings bring to people a ‘heaven on earth’ lifestyle, and the concept ‘Fly high with 2 wings – spiritual and material’ in order to live your greatest life and be fulfilled.

He was raised in Asia of a Chinese-Filipino descent and educated by the European missionaries until he became an engineer. He studied many martial arts forms and mastered Japanese Karate. He is also a world expert in 12 styles of meditation, and 8 types of yoga which qualified him to write his book Hidden Dangers of Meditation and Yoga. He is also the creator of BEwell Science, an advanced energy healing modality that is unique, holistic and multi-disciplinary as it focuses on the five levels of health – physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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"The Third Eye Initiation program designed by Master Del Pe is unique and at the cutting edge of Spiritual Technology and Esoteric Science. I don’t think you can find this anywhere else. This modern Master has brought the future to our doorstep with the scientific approach to developing the Third Eye, which was previously only discussed in metaphors. This is the next chapter of my life that I had been waiting for. The program’s content was mind boggling."

- R.S., Editor and Intuitive Consultant (Asia)

Frequently asked questions

How to we get to the MDP Village?

Getting here is easy. We will escort you all the way to bring you to MDP Village. Your retreat package will include pick-up and drop-off options from various locations/cities and we can even get you from the Manila International airport for arrival and departure.

You will stay at MDP Villas

MDP Villas is the residence and guest house of the MDP Village. Furnished with modern facilities, the 12 bedroom retreat-haven away from the chaos of daily life.

Payments are secure

You don't have to sweat because our easy payment methods are safe and secure, offering a variety of bank transfer, cheque, credit card or cash payment options to meet your needs.

What will you do?

Each retreat has a guideline curriculum specially designed and crafted by Master Del Pe. If you're wondering what you will do, just click on any of the reatreat brochure images and read the detailed curriculum, hours and explanation of the workshops and other goodies included specially for you. Of course, it's flexible according to your comfort level, but you will have many fun-filled activities as well as deeper contemplative experiences.

Open House

Come and visit us! Open house at MDP Village is every 2nd Saturday of the month! Drop in to experience a tour, rejuvenation program and visit our store!