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  • Learn LIFE TOOLS to heal yourself and your family.

  • UNBLOCK YOUR LIFE and solve your life's issues fast.

  • Study how to live a more MEANINGFUL LONG LIFE that is SAFE, SECURE and SUSTAINABLE.

  • Attend PRACTICAL EDUCATION on meditation, yoga, martial arts, healing and spiritual sciences, divine alchemy, wisdom leadership, balanced-life strategies and self-mastery.

  • REJUVENATE in a clean environment abundant with fresh air, fresh water and organic fresh food.

  • Gift yourself with a LIFE-CHANGING retreat.


MDP Village is the modern Asian Shangri-La that is why guests and visitors who come here call it the 'hidden paradise'. You have to come see it for yourself to understand why the MDP Village experience is like heaven on earth. Come here, not only to enjoy the fresh breeze, fresh water, organic fruits and vegetables, but also to explore life’s breakthroughs with the blessings of Master Del Pe and the help of powerful healers and enlightened trainers, who will partner with you to recover from health challenges, balance your life or equip you with tools for a more enlightened life.

The magnificent view and powerful energy, the healing sessions, meditations, martial arts-yoga practices, therapeutic hot spring baths, special massage from gifted local masseurs, nature’s strolls, gym body-work, rock climbing, self-defense and survival drills, the practical seminars for self-mastery and the life coaching sessions from Master Del Pe are all blended and merged into a whole body of experience that no words can explain. If you are looking for a positive change and a breakthrough in life, the MDP Village is your next destination. Really!

MDP Village is a new sacred destination.

It's easier to access it than you think.

Master Del Pe, the founder and designer of the MDP Village, has travelled to over 100 countries and visited the most important sacred destinations and remote exotic spiritual places as an esoteric explorer looking for life’s answers, hunting for immortals and learning from spiritual Masters. He has gone to the most remote places of Tibet, Nepal, India, Mongolia, Africa, China, Japan, Korea, Middle East, Scandinavia, Europe, Alaska, New Zealand and South America and had scanned the highest energy spots on the planet. According to Master Del Pe, “Each place has its own good energy, but those locations with more advanced energy are not easy to access by roads and do not have comfortable housing. The problem is that the most popular and easily accessible sacred spots have become tourist destinations and are full of people. The peace and quiet solemnity are often lost."

The MDP Village has been declared by Master Del Pe as not only a quiet and peaceful place but also a special location with serenity and high energy you need to experience the most advanced healings, meditations and expansions of consciousness. The other spiritual spots are now very contaminated and have become too commercial. They are too old and have lost the blessings of their spiritual proponents.


The MDP Village sits on a few hills endowed with a panoramic view of a river that circumvents around the village 250 degrees. This sacred place is located in a pristine and nurturing environment nestled in a beautiful valley colored by nature with green rice fields, fruit bearing trees, organic vegetable farms and wild flowers.  

The most beautiful mountains of the Philippines, called as the Philippine Himalayas by Master Del Pe, surround the valley 360 degrees, making this place a refuge from any typhoons and natural disasters. The MDP Village enjoys an unimpeded view of several kilometers with no residential neighbors and commercial establishments in sight.  

Master Del Pe declared this village a sacred place where the future Masters of Life and the New Enlightened Humanity will emerge from… not only because it looks like the best parts of Tibet, Nepal and Indian Himalayas all in one, but also because of its pure, fresh healing energy and very intense esoteric light, one of the highest spiritual energies in the World, today.

At night, the cosmos looks naked here. The total darkness because of the absence of commercial lighting exposes the celestial sky with the Milky Way Galaxy in its entirety. Guest can usually see at least 5 shooting stars within 30 minutes in the vicinity. During the full moon, the whole valley and mountains are gleaming with the silvery light of the moon, allowing one to see at range of up to 25 kilometers. Under this silvery moon light, one can walk on the pathways of the MDP Village even without a flashlight.

By being in the MDP Village, nature nurtures and the very high energy allows miraculous healings. Guests with crisis go home totally renewed and transformed. Meditations and contemplative prayers are blessed with more intensity. Healing and rejuvenation are easy here, especially with the therapeutic baths in our neighboring hot spring pools only a few minutes away. The town of Cervantes, of which the MDP Village is a part, is endowed with psychic healers and gifted massage therapists who are hired as part of the healing experience for our guests.

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The curriculum, facilities and staff are key elements of your retreat at MDP Village.

The MDP Village is not just about the panoramic view. It is really about the services we offer and the unparalleled curriculum of our training and healing programs. The staff teams are not only nurturing and hospitable but they are also world-class specialists trained by Master Del Pe himself for the different needs of our guests. The MDP Village staff and residence enjoy organic farming as part of their sustainability of culture. The village sits atop a few hectares of development with over 100,000 square feet of training facilities, gym, mini-golf, rock climbing area, hammock place, tree house, several athletic centers and meditation platforms. We also have a river board walk, mountain hiking trails, waterfalls and hillside pools.

About the Town of Cervantes where MDP Village is located

The Town of Cervantes, where MDP Village is situated, is in the Northern Philippines and can be called the Switzerland of the Philippines because it is situated on the crossroads of 4 provinces (states). It is a melting pot of different cultures including the European thinking and education along the Philippine-Shamanic healings from the natives. This beautiful mountainous region attracted the European Christian missionaries to live here and put up their school and church. The European missionaries made this town a cradle for a more advanced education and spirituality. The town boast almost 100 percent literacy.

Since the olden times, Cervantes had been supplied with fresh mineral water from the mountains by gravity flow. Thus, the town is equipped with one of the best strategies for sustainability aside from the abundance of its home grown vegetables and fruit trees. Local folks remain functional and walk daily as a habit even as they grow old, which is one of the most important factors for longevity. 

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Learn more about how the MDP Village can help you.

Master Del Pe


Master Del Pe is internationally known as the guru who wears many hats. His background is very diverse and rich with the alchemy of the best of the eastern wisdom and western knowledge. Some know him by different trades as a spiritual master, miraculous healer, martial arts master, world expert of meditation and the 8 types of yoga, humanitarian, social transformer, engineer, philanthropist and spiritual entrepreneur. Author of 12 books centered on self-development and self-mastery, he has created over 200 courses, 150 of which are available online, taught under his 3 international organizations: Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA), World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID) and BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC). His expertise in World Philosophies, World Religions and World Culture are direct learning and experience living in many cultures and travelling to over 100 countries while teaching and healing over 400,000 clients globally.

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"I thought I was already a very advanced Soul and well-equipped to become a spiritual teacher. In fact, students in yoga think that I am their guru. When I attended Master Del Pe’s retreats I felt that I have become a student again. He is more than a guru. He is a modern enlightened Master who can do alchemy, magic, healing miracles but he is still grounded in the day-to-day affairs. He is one of those whom I’ve seen to have one foot on Earth and one foot in Heaven."

- R.A., Spiritual and Yoga Teacher
(Rio de Janerio, Brazil)


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