Your best choice for a

safe home and sustainable life

Enjoy the best time of your life,
effortlessly with a recession-proof package with no overheads for 3 years / 5 years
Guided by universal values,
incorporating respect for all life, care for the earth, justice and fairness, goodwill, balance, group consciousness, and harmony through diversity
Driven by higher purpose,
securing your life in a self-sustainable environment with meaning and self-fulfillment
Harvesting the fruits of your life's work,
sharing your success, talent and time with a community of like-minded people 
Welcome to New Haven Homes

Enjoy the best time of your life with a home nestled in a hidden valley of the highlands of Northern Philippines, away from tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, pollution, civil unrest, pandemics and urban-life stress.

New Haven Prepper’s Package is beyond the typical prepping survival mode. The Package is designed not to complicate the escape from chaos, disaster or urban violence. Before the trouble becomes uncontrollable and unpredictable in your city, you should have moved to the New Haven Homes safely to enjoy your Plan-B sustainability strategy. While others are experiencing chaos and unimaginable threat, you are already in a paradise-like setting in a comfortable home with a guaranteed food reserve and health maintenance from the most advanced healers of the MDP Village for 3 or 5 years. This prepper's package is a life and health insurance to effortlessly transition to your new best normal life. You will be incubated safely in a beautiful and sustainable ecosystem while enjoying the company of like-minded, cultured residents who are guided with a meaningful purpose. 

MDP Village, which incubates the New Haven Homes, is a 15-hectare paradise situated on a hilltop which is surrounded by the Abra River with a 220 degrees river view.

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New Haven Prepper's Survival Package
Your Plan-B Recession-Proof Getaway

The New Haven Homestead is inside the MDP Village on a hilltop away from noise, stressors, potential pandemic contaminations, violence or other threats. It is surrounded at 360 degrees by high mountains blocking any devastation from even the strongest storms. 

The MDP Village is enjoying a moderately high altitude away from the threats of tsunamis and even from volcanic eruptions. Cervantes town where MDP Village is nestled, has a terrain that will never flood even if it will rain for 6 months and it is pollution-free.


Peace and order in Cervantes are one of the highest in the region, as proven by the jail cell which remains empty all year round for many decades. We have 2 highly organized units of the National Police Force and the Philippine Army stationed in Cervantes. Even in the pre-pandemic stage, Cervantes town rests and sleeps from 8 pm. The 20,000 people of Cervantes reside in 13 barangays spread across a vast area of 234.70 sq. kms. This town has maintained a ratio of 73 persons per square kilometer for many decades.

Security guards and CCTVs are available in the MDP Village. For residents’ safety and survival training, the MDP Village staff are trained in hand to hand combat, weapons and self-defense. The shooting range offering marksmanship practice will be available for the residents inside the village. The construction of a helipad is underway. MDP Village is investing in a surveillance drone and will be installing a perimeter electrical fence for back-up security.

Up to the 1990s, Cervantes town had been pristine with no electrical power. Due to this, the Cervantesians had been trained as natural survivalists and enjoyed the prepper's life by default. For almost 100 years, the Catholic European Missionaries had brought their high culture and refined lifestyle to this town thus, the literacy rate is almost 100% and people can use English as a second language, even more so than Tagalog. Ilocano is the local language while Kankana-ey of the Mountain Province and Benguet is used as the secondary dialect.


Cervantes boasts a sustainable agriculture and well-trained farmers. The town also has a talented workforce which includes carpenters, welders, masons, metal craftsmen, furniture makers and cooks. There is also a private school and a state college in Cervantes. The town has rural health units and an emergency hospital. There is also 1 private hospital 19 kms away (25 minutes ride with no traffic) and the biggest government hospital in Mountain Province is only 35 kms away (35 minutes easy ride) situated in Bauko. Baguio City is 110 kms away while the Laoag Airport is a 5-hours drive. A nighttime drive with no traffic to Manila is a 7-hour trip with a splendid view of over 35 waterfalls during rainy season and mountain peaks resembling the Himalayas. The renowned surfing beaches of San Juan, La Union are only 3 hours away, but access to the sea can also be done through Tagudin, Ilocos Sur in just 1 hour 50 minutes. Sagada Caves are close by with a 1.5 hour scenic drive. The Province of Abra, on the other hand, can be reached through backroads and crossing rivers.

The MDP Village has created organic vegetable gardens and the water supply is gravity fed from the mountain watershed all year round. The MDP Village also enjoys the provision of one submersible pump for all-time water supply and one electric motor deep well pump as a back-up. The village is well lit with solar lights in most places and electricity is backed up by a power generator. During power outage, the conference center solar panels supply lighting and charging of electronic devices. The MDP Village Management assures provisions of food supply to our staff and residents.

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Master Del Pe has created not only a safe and secured facility in the MDP Village, but also a sustainable, effortless, rural residency. This lifestyle can survive any troubles or crises brought by economic downturn, pandemics and even civil unrest which the urban setting cannot all guarantee. Most prepping work of survivalist groups and underground bunker strategists is mainly focused on escape plans, safety and survival for a brief period. Such tactics are not totally effective with the quarantine lockdown mandate of the government or other unforeseeable complications.

You can only enjoy survival if you are with the right group of spiritual seekers and more enlightened souls who will make your life easy and aligned to Divine Protection. Where there is a lack of medical supplies and failing hospitals, advanced healers and spiritual teachers are your best allies in the MDP Village.

While living in your new home, you can enjoy studying and training to transform and enlighten yourself under the self-improvement and self-mastery programs of Master Del Pe’s institutes. You can practice advanced techniques of healing, meditation, survival science, self-defense and many new life skills to navigate your 'new best normal life'. Those who are spiritual seekers will enjoy the advanced courses of esoteric psychology, esoteric science, divine alchemy, psychic training and spiritual technology offered by Master Del Pe’s BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC).

To cater to sustainability, the New Haven Prepper's Package includes the following:

  • Food insurance: 3 meals with optional snacks for your contract years

  • Comfortable accommodation inside the MDP Village secured zones close-by Master Del Pe’s residence and other senior staff

  • Clean water supply, all year round

  • Power supply from the national grid backed up by a power generator and solar panel electrical lighting system

  • Furnished apartments or home residence

  • Laundry and house cleaning service

  • Healing services from our resident healers and life-mentors: 1-2 times a month for general health maintenance

  • Continuing education and personal training

  • Mentoring support to incubate a business or self-employment services under the Rural Hometrepreneurship Program

  • A healthy lifestyle along with the MDP Village community fitness program and social entertainment

General Amenities and Recreational/Outdoor Membership
Reverse your aging and extend your lifespan through our natural environment and amenities. The New Haven Prepper's Survival Package includes the following:
  • Natural Hot Spring Therapeutic Bath

  • Hot Spa, Swimming Pools and Diving Pools

  • Membership with Gym, Dance, Yoga and Meditation Studio Access

  • Mini-Golf

  • Basketball and Volleyball Court

  • River Safari, Rock Climbing and Natural Trail Trekking

  • Outdoor Swings and Fitness Facility

  • Village Gardening and Tree Planting Activities

  • Access to our 3 Training Centers (from 12 to 100 occupancy)

  • Access to our Pavilion Conference Center (up to 400 occupancy)

  • Co-working spaces

  • Spa access for Body Work and Beauty Services

  • Access to 2 Village Libraries

  • Periodic trips to Sagada, Cervantes Waterfalls, Lepanto Gold Mines, Mountain Province Agricultural Farms and Historical Monuments (Bessang Pass and Tirad Pass)

High Culture and Strategic Location for Rural Entrepreneurship

For over a century, Cervantes has been a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities with families from Spanish, American, Chinese, Ilocano, Tagalog and indigenous (of Benguet and Mountain Province) origins. Cervantes is strategically situated on the boundary of Ilocos Sur, Benguet and Mountain Province, with accessible roads to Abra. It is on the crossroad of two major highways: Baguio City to Ilocos Region via the Cordillera (South to North) and Tagudin, Ilocos Sur to Sagada, Mountain Province (West to East). The safe, secure and sustainable qualities of Cervantes make it attractive for rural entrepreneurship.

After electricity arrived in Cervantes and new paved roads were constructed, Cervantes has become a center for education, spirituality and commerce. Master Del Pe envisioned that this town will become a boutique city in the highlands.

A Safe Haven for Your New Best Normal
Make your effortless move to the New Haven Homes
- studio     - apartment     - house

Sunee Kay

Coming to the MDP Village and living here was the best decision of my life, ever. I relinquished my U.S. green card for good and sold my house in India to come here.

Beck Soriano

My three girls and I left Maryland for good because we did not feel safe in the U.S. anymore. MDP Village is a sanctuary for those who want to raise a family away from drugs, big overheads and stress.

Moni Platt

I thought South Africa was the best place to retire after I got tired of living in different countries including Austria, my birth place. I can absolutely say that MDP Village is my ultimate destination and my home.


Lesley Geronimo

I visited and stayed in many beautiful rural destinations around the world looking for the best value for money to invest in a time-share. I found Cervantes as the most attractive and sustainable location for total well being and spiritual awakening. I love the MDP Village because I experience the Heaven on Earth lifestyle here.

Alice Grace

I enjoyed living in Italy and Slovenia which I considered as the most beautiful countries of the world. But when I came to the MDP Village in 2016, I passed through beautiful mountain ranges with so many waterfalls. After that trip I changed my mind. The Northern Philippines, particularly the Cervantes scenic route, has the most spectacular view and the MDP Village has the highest pure energy.

Angel Umali

I navigated the urban jungle life in various countries - Thailand, Switzerland and Dubai - as a corporate expatriate for many years. The hectic pace and lifestyle led to a burnout, resulting in a spiritual awakening called the Dark Night of the Soul. I tried different solutions and when I came to the MDP Village, the healing and environment gave me lasting results. I likewise found my Higher purpose with the self-mastery tools being taught here, so I decided to invest in this hidden Shangri-La.

Angela Ambrosi

My parents brought me from Italy to receive healing therapy from Master Del Pe in early 2019. I was not happy with my teenage life because I got very bored in school. I was looking for a more meaningful experience that would provide answers on what to do next. I found the MDP Village as my source of inspiration, knowledge and unfoldment so I decided to live here. Thanks to COVID-19 I cannot go home to Italy!

Victoria Marie

I was about to start my first college year in Baltimore, Maryland to become a medical engineer. Destiny brought me to the Philippines with my family and we decided to go rural and avoid the corruptive quality of the American city life. I have been divinely guided and blessed to have found the MDP Village as my real home and got certified as a trainer and healing specialist with the best community exposure with international professionals who constantly visit the place. I am now healing many incurable diseases!

Violaine Magsaysay

My husband is one of the leading prepper experts in the Philippines for over 25 years. My family has been trained as survivalists and even constructed bunkers for nuclear fall-out. We have been looking for decades for the best place to settle down for maximum safety and best sustainability. When we found the MDP Village, my husband delared, "Ureka! We have arrived".

Leah Soriano

When I was a freshman student in the U.S. my passion was to play professional basketball but good luck brought me to Cervantes. Aside from being certified as a healer, I worked as an apprentice in procurement until I was given a break to work as the village project supervisor of our housing construction at the age of 19 years old. There is no way I would have done this in the United States. I now supervise an average of 20 men under the mentorship of Master Del Pe.

Anna Pe

I just became a teenager when my parents brought me to the MDP Village for good. I enjoyed the American life especially music and song writing. I became an MDP Villager at the age of 13 and got to be exposed in handy work along side with dozens of men workers. This is one of my best exposure to develop self-discipline and industriousness which I would not develop otherwise in America. The village community of international guests taught me the virtue of harmony through diversity.

Rega Stellar

My upbringing was of a modern Indian girl. My education was that of California. My inspiration as a young adult led me to search for my Soul, which led me to experience the Dark Night of my Soul. Nothing could bring back light to my consciousness until I got healed by Master Del Pe. After that, I became the chief editor of his books, then migrated to the Philippines and helped in the anchoring of the MDP Village project. Now, I enjoy a natural lifestyle here while serving, and also remotely running several international businesses online

Once upon a time,
in a Himalayan cave...

Sometime in 1998, I was in a very deep state of meditation, in bliss, somewhere in a cave in the highlands of the Himalayas, when my Highest Self internally proclaimed, "I traveled so far only to find that I am home". This was a high spiritual initiation and Divine realization for me as a traveler on the path of self-mastery. This is what I experienced again when I came back home to Cervantes, Ilocos Sur, my birthplace. I have traveled to over 100 countries, training many students and disciples, and at the same time seeking for higher enlightenment. Luckily, I found my four spiritual mentors. After my training with them, I developed centers of spirituality and healing in India, United States, South and Central America, Europe and Africa, but did not find these locations suitable to anchor the new Universal energy. So, I continued the search and was guided to come back to my birth home in 2015 after being abroad for over 3 decades. It is only now at the MDP Village that I can experience the highest Divine energy and healing power unsurpassed by any place. When you come here, you can experience miraculous healing so naturally. Most of our international guests could not resist but return an average of 5 times to experience the 'Heaven on Earth' lifestyle in this sacred place. The MDP Village is where Enlightenment, Longevity and Serenity find you. All the great things you want for your Soul are achieved effortlessly. Just like me, when you come here your spiritual search will be over. Then, you can find your true Self and experience total freedom beyond your imagination.

Master Del Pe

Modern Sage and Life Mentor

Founder and Creator of the MDP Village

Proponent of the New Haven Homes Project

Misty Slopes
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New Haven Homes

MDP Village, Cervantes

Ilocos Sur, Philippines 2718

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