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MDP Village is the modern Asian Shangri-La. That is why guests and visitors who come here call it the 'hidden paradise'. You have to come see it for yourself to understand why the MDP Village experience is like heaven on earth. Come here, not only to enjoy the fresh breeze, fresh water, organic fruits and vegetables, but also to explore life’s breakthroughs with the blessings of Master Del Pe and the help of powerful healers and enlightened trainers, who will partner with you to recover from health challenges, balance your life or equip you with tools for a more enlightened life.

The magnificent view and powerful energy, the healing sessions, meditations, martial arts-yoga practices, therapeutic hot spring baths, special massage from gifted local masseurs, nature’s strolls, gym body-work, rock climbing, self-defense and survival drills, the practical seminars for self-mastery and the life coaching sessions from Master Del Pe... are all blended and merged into a whole body of experience that no words can explain. If you are looking for a positive change and a breakthrough in life, the MDP Village is your next destination. Really!  

MDP Village is a new sacred destination. It's easier to access it than you think.


Master Del Pe, the founder and designer of the MDP Village, has travelled to over 100 countries and visited the most important sacred destinations and remote exotic spiritual places as an esoteric explorer looking for life’s answers, hunting for immortals and learning from spiritual Masters. He has gone to the most remote places of Tibet, Nepal, India, Mongolia, Africa, China, Japan, Korea, Middle East, Scandinavia, Europe, Alaska, New Zealand and South America and had scanned the highest energy spots on the planet. “Each place”, according to Master Del Pe, “has its own good energy, but those locations with more advanced energy are not easy to access by roads and do not have comfortable housing. The problem is that the most popular and easily accessible sacred spots have become tourist destinations and are full of people. The peace and quiet solemnity are often lost”.

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